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IPK® Technology

The IPK® System

  • Increases security while increasing performance, reducing latency, and reducing energy usage
  • Ties system management and control directly to the increased security
IPK System

More specifically, the IPK® System

  • Successively changes Cryptographic Variables (Crypto Hopping)
  • Ties the System Variables (System Management) to the increased security (via Crypto Hopping)
  • Implementation:
    • Hardware, firmware, and/or software
    • OSI Layer 1-2 or Layer 3-4
    • Processor and OS agnostic
  • Protected under patents
    • 11,054,999 (issued)
    • 11,126,356 (issued)
    • 16/569,480 (awaiting patent number assignment)
  • Additional patents in progress

IPK(ZOE)™:  Zero Overhead Encode™

  • Repurposes ECCs as a cipher with or without Forward Error Correction (FEC) capabilities
  • Essentially achieves the same network performance of clear text (no encryption) → Zero Overhead Encode (ZOE)
  • Protected under patent 11,119,670 (issued)
IPK System
Provide your Link Protocol, Processor & Payload Structure
Let IPK® Technologies model and demonstrate improvements to your system