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IPK® Technologies, LLC was founded by a group of experienced business, technology, and engineering executives who have authored over 35 patents in the area of network communications and related fields of interest.

The company’s latest licensed product, the patented IPK® System, transforms network communications by making systems faster, more secure and energy efficient. IPK® Solutions apply the IPK® System to specific applications. This ultimately produces major cost savings for businesses, governments and other organizations.

Our Mission

IPK® Technologies, LLC provides value to customers by:

  • Increasing security while increasing performance, reducing latency, and reducing energy usage;
  • Tying system management and control directly to the increased security;
  • Leveraging SeaPort, Inc’s patented technology

IPK® is brilliant, so powerful yet elegantly simple.

Computer Science Professor from a top research university

Think of IPK® as Enigma without the flaws.

CEO of Telecom/Internet consulting company

IPK® decreases latency while at the same time increasing security; that is counter-intuitive and amazing...

CTO of a major Telecom company

IPK® is ingenious.

National Security Consultant

Provide your Link Protocol, Processor & Payload Structure
Let IPK® Technologies model and demonstrate improvements to your system